Thursday, June 30, 2011

SMASH Book turned Stamp Catalog

I have finally finished my latest project.  I received this SMASH book in the mail a few weeks ago, but when I opened it I noticed it had been bound backward.  All of the pages were upside down, so I tired to find a creative way to work around this.  I decided to create a catalog to index all of my acrylic stamps. 
I used the Mod Black SMASH book and the “For the Record” paper collection by Echo Park. 

Here's how I started: I already had my stamps organized into 6 bins - Sentiments, Accent, Nature & Floral, Celebration & Holiday, Background & Journaling, and Alpha.  I took each bin and looked the stamp set up on Google images.

If I found the stamp set, I saved the picture to a folder on my Desktop.  If I didn't find the stamp set, I scanned it using my HP Photosmart Scanner.  I then inserted all the photos into a Word document and then printed them on white cardstock. 

I cut all the pictures out and started decorating my SMASH book. 

I covered the front, back, inside covers, and all 6 section title pages with papers from the collection. 

I used the Paper SMASH Tabs to divide the 6 sections of my catalog.
Front Inside Cover
Title Page with Table of Contents
Sentiment Stamps
Accent Stamps
Nature & Floral Stamps
Celebration & Holiday Stamps
Journaling & Background Stamps
Alpha Stamps
Back Inside Cover

Here’s a peek at the inside. I used my ATG gun to adhere all the index prints down, so they wouldn’t go anywhere.

Still have 3 more SMASH Books left.  I plan on using 1 of them as a Mommy-To-Be Journal someday….soon! :)


  1. lOVE this idea!!! And your book is gorgeous!!

  2. What a great idea, and I love the EP papers you used!!!

  3. Andrea I love this idea.. and would be great for the images i make to keep them organized for myself.. thanks for this.. your album is just so inspiring.. loving everything about it!! xx